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Wholesale Vegetables

John's Market is a wholesale vegetable supplier servicing the New York Tri-State area for more than eighteen years.   John's Market has met the needs of the most demanding clients and as such has earned the trust and respect of New York's finest restaurants and hotels.

As a premier vegetable distributor, John's Market utilizes its extensive resources to procure the finest produce - from basic to exotic; grown by local farmers or global suppliers.  John's can also supply seasonal or hard-to-find vegetables, fresh to frozen.

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Anise or Fennel

Availability: Year-round

Code: Aka Florence Fennel, Sweet Anise. (Fennel is not true anise, but both are members of the dill/carrot/parsley family.) A very pale green crunchy bulb topped with celery-like stems that end in feathery bright-green leaves. Fennel has a sweet, cleansing anise/licorice flavor, but much milder, especially when cooked. Popular in the Mediterranean area from ancient times to the present.

Storage: Cut off green stalks and leaves and use immediately (stems in salad or cooked with pasta or in soup, leaves as garnish) or discard. Wrap bulb in plastic and refrigerate for up to three days.

Serving Suggestions: May be used raw or cooked - serve chunks or raw fennel bulb with dip or olive oil and lemon juice, add thin slices of raw fennel bulb to salads, use instead of celery in tuna salad or elsewhere. Bulb may also be boiled, fried or grilled, or made into cream soup.

Flavor Affiliates: apples, black olives, cheese, chicken, citrus, olives, pecans, seafood, tomato

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