"I've been with John's Market for years, and through all my experience with the company I have come to expect high quality produce coupled with unparalleled customer service. Every time I've had questions or concerns, the team at John's has been knowledgeable not only about quality and seasonality of produce but also about the specific needs of my restaurant. I have a lot of things to stress about at my job, but working with John's Market it's great to know my produce doesn't need to be one of them."

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As a premier wholesale fruit distributor, John's Market can supply an extensive array of beautiful, high quality fruit including seasonal, exotic and specialty items.  John's Market is a local, family owned and operated business, serving the New York Tri State area since 1995.

Reputation is paramount to John's Market.  As such, our reputation as an honest, dependable distributor of the highest quality fruit and vegetables has spread throughout the metropolitan New York area.  More and more of New York City's finest restaurants and hotels have been added to John's Market's list of highly satisfied clients.

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Apple, Golden

Availability: Year-round

Code: Golden Delicious apples are a lovely pale yellow to yellow-green in color, sometimes freckled with darker pores. They have an exquisite sweet, delicate flavor reminscent of honey, and are excellent both raw and cooked. A fine, round medium-sized apple with tender skin, Golden Delicious is no relation to Red Delicious.

Storage: Refrigerate for up to two weeks

Serving Suggestions: Wash and peeling is not necessary unless you're going to cook or bake them. Golden Delicious apples are one of the best for just eating, skin and all. They are wonderful chopped into fruit salads or sliced into green salads. They're also good baked in pies, tarts, dumplings, cobblers, cakes, strudels and crisps, especially when mixed with other varieties of apples with contrasting flavors. They're scrumptious in apple sauce, too.

Flavor Affiliates: allspice, apricots, cardamom, celery, cinnamon, cloves, curry, ginger, green onions, lettuces, nuts, onion, pork, poultry, vanilla

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