"John's Market has been an essential part of my company's ability to please our clients. Their flexibility & desire to work with me on price, produce and delivery has made them my first choice when placing produce orders"

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For more than eighteen years, one of our many goals has been to provide our customers with the finest selection of specialty produce in the New York area.  Our extensive line of specialty foods, coupled with an unparalleled level of service makes John's Market the preferred choice of New York's restaurants, hotels and specialty industries.

Clients have come to rely on John's Market as a partner and not just as a supplier.  John's account managers understand our client's business and therefore help manage inventories and lower their foods costs without sacrificing quality.  John's receives daily deliveries of standard, seasonal, organic and specialty produce to ensure consistent availability of product and maximum freshness.

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Alfalfa Sprout

Availability: year-round

Code: These are the thin white sprouts of alfalfa seeds, just a few days old. They have a pair of tiny, bright green leaves, a wonderful nutty flavor, and pleasant crunchiness.

Storage: Refrigerate in plastic in the crisper drawer for one or two days.

Serving Suggestions: Alfalfa sprouts add color, flavor, texture, and nutrition to any kind of salad, sandwich, or omelet. Try them in tacos and on hamburgers, too. Toss some on top of chili, soup, or almost anything.

Flavor Affiliates: beans, eggs, garlic, greens, ground beef, lettuce, onions, tomato

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